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I have been involved in the Georgian Bay area my entire life starting as a young camper on Beausoleil Island in the 1970’s; and you know the old song: You can take the boy out the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy. Well, you can’t take Georgian Bay out of me! My family and I purchased our property on Go Home Lake in 2009 and have been active members of the community ever since.

I have served both the community of Go Home Lake and in Toronto. In 2011 I joined the Go Home Lake Cottage Owners’ Association as a Director. I’ve held many portfolios including memberships, website development and management, communications and social media, advertising, and merchandise. In Toronto, I acted as Director and Treasurer for the Berzcy Condo Corporation from 2019 to 2021.

My business career has focused on leading technology and innovation at mid to large sized companies. I have more than 30 years of success as a senior executive and consultant leading innovation and change in the financial services, government, and broadcasting industries.

My passion for this beautiful part of Ontario evolved into a successful craft business dedicated to custom designing and producing laser cut maps and other wall decor – primarily focusing on Muskoka and other Ontario cottage country areas (trailheaddesigns.ca).

Throughout my professional career, I have held leadership positions with Trailhead Designs, Home Equity Bank, Arbor Memorial Inc., Canwest Broadcasting, and Alliance Atlantis Communications.

My community involvement has provided a wealth of variety and experience ranging from acting as a Director for the Go Home Lake Cottage Owners’ Association to being a Certified Fitness Instructor. With the Cottage Owners’ Association, my portfolios have involved membership management, sales, communications and social media leader, along with website development and others. I’ve also acted as a Director and Treasurer for a Toronto condo corporation.

VP, Information Technology Alliance Atlantis Communications

VP, Broadcasting IT Canwest Media Inc

VP, Information Technology Services Arbor Memorial Inc,.

Director, Go Home Lake Cottage Owners' Association (Multiple portfolios)

VP, Information Technology HomEquity Bank

Managing Director Trailhead Designs

Berczy Condo Board of Directors (Treasurer)

30 Years of Executive Business Experience
10 Years of Board of Directors Experience
50 Plus Campaign Followers

My Values

Economic Development

The Township and District must continue to develop policies and initiatives to attract sustainable business development. We need to ensure that development is compatible with our environmental protections and other planning policies; we also need to help our community to prosper in order to better maintain and develop infrastructure and social programs.

Planning & Development

Balancing the needs of property owners and the environment must be managed through responsible planning and development policies. These policies need to recognize the wide variety of demands and sensitivities in this diverse township.

Environmental Protection

Maintaining the water quality in Muskoka is a key element to protecting our environment and the health of humans, animals, and aquatic life. As climate changes, we need to take steps to protect our natural ecosystems. Planning policies to protect the shoreline and actions to manage invasive species such as phragmites, zebra mussels, and LDD moths are essential and require support and management from all levels of government.

Good Governance

Achieving results in business and government are brought about by initiative, transparency, collective good will, and accountability. We need community leaders who are clear in their values and take responsibility for their decisions. Consultation is essential so residents can have input and understand government decisions.



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